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I’m so Fracking Frustrated!

Yes, I’m frustrated.  To no end!  Why is it so hard for doctors to treat hypothyroidism?  Why do  they drag their feet in treating it? I was at least able to treat my edema that accompanies it, until Ma Huang was banned.  Now my non-pitting edema is out of control.  Mind you, regular water pills do not work.  This past month I have ordered around $200 worth of supplements in hope that one will straighten out my thyroid.  Today I ordered Horse chestnut extract and crossing my fingers that it will help me dump this fluid.  My legs are horrendous.  I’m pretty sure this excess fluid is causing my back issue.  ~Aargh~  Monday, I have a doctor appointment.  He’d better come up with something.  One, he needs to increase my armour, and secondly do something about this fluid.  It makes my legs and ankles itch and they hurt to the touch.

My husband’s dementia is stressing me as well.

Other than that, my life is good.  I love my job most of the time, except for next week.  It’s going to be stressful.  I have so much to do with my regular work plus a lot more extra than normal. I have to run off campus several times and spend hours at one place recruiting students.  Normally I don’t mind, but sitting at a table for hours when my back is messed up well all I can say is grrrr.  At least I have three gorgeous dogs, an ornery tort, and some hermit crabs to come home to.  Two of my crabs are going on ten years!  I love my crabs.  They each have their own individual personality.

Spring is here.  The snow is slowly melting and looking quite dirty.   Kallie, my tort wants outside, and the dogs are spending a lot more of their time out there too.  I wanted to get a bird feeder and a suet holder for our home here, but changed my mind.  I knew it would freak my hubby out.  He would fixate on it and obsess turning it into a problem and we would get to hear him angst over it.Not worth it.  I love birds, but I prefer my peace more.

Well I’m feeling better now that I’ve vented.  If anyone knows of an herb similar to ma huang please let me know.  I need it for this edema.  Thanks.