My Ex: The Narcissist Checklist

If you are involved with a person that has these traits listed, RUN! I beg you! RUN!

Besides this list below, my ex also carried a picture of himself in his wallet, and constantly had his face in the mirror. He was and probably still in love with himself.  He was heavy into porn, and loved to cause trouble at work between his coworkers. They hadn’t  a clue he was the one setting them up.



Expected Response – None

Butthead never responded to the Diocese. He ignored every letter. I’m fine with that.  The annulment will take longer,but  it will happen eventually. They realized he was playing games. At least his poor mum talked with them.  She did not have to do that. I feel so sorry for her. She is married to a narcissist, and her son is a narcissist. She doesn’t want to acknowledge it and continues to this day taking abuse from her husband and thinking her son is the golden boy.

I still shudder when I think of what he did to his own Mother’s chickens. He hung all of her hens from the clothesline and slit their throats when she was gone one day. ~SMH~ He was a little kid at that time.

Her son isn’t any different. I found out after the divorce he was killing our farm animals constantly out of joy and fury. What a sick son of a bitch.

It amazes me where I find narcissists. I am surrounded by them. They are where I work, at church, everywhere! The ones that talk non-stop about themselves drive me crazy. On and on and on they go. When they will stop, nobody knows. I watched one person get up and leave after this one narcissist would not shut up.

My Dave, the poor man. He forgot he was given an annulment by the church to his evil ex-wife.  He still doesn’t remember it even though we have the letter. I have to face it; he has Alzheimers. I pray I’m wrong. He can’t remember anything majorly significant.  I love this man, and I will lose him.  I can only hope the Alzheimer’s is slow. We have crappy doctors here. This stuff is as bad as cancer. It eats away your brain. Maybe there are some trial treatments out there?