I miss you Little Toot

My pet crab -Little Toot

He can barely be seen. Little Toot is the size of a pencil eraser in this photo. He’s next to the big rock to the left. I raised him until he was the size of a fifty cent piece. He then disappeared. I literally bonded with this crab and vice versa.  He’s a marble rock crab or rather was.  I adored him.  He brought so much joy into my life in such a short while. Yes, we  played. He was right there every night ready to play when I got home.  He ate from my hand. He could have pinched me really hard when he got bigger, but he never did.  He was a lot like a cat.  As intelligent too.Nosy about everything I did in his tank.  He would be right there in the way whether I was cleaning or rearranging.  I ended up purchasing him a 20 gallon tank so he would have plenty of room to roam and explore.  He ate my $35 shrimp lol. That was when he was older.He was so cute. I don’t think the pain of losing him will ever go away. My eyes still brim with tears and that weird feeling appears in my chest.  He hit puberty and went looking for a mate.  Damn hormones.  I’ll never stop loving him. I’ll never stop missing him.  When he left he took a piece of my heart with him.


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