Catholic Anullment

Has anyone out there experienced a Catholic annulment?  I’m going through one right now, and it is so stressful.

I thought the petition was the only document I had to write. Ha!  The last two weekends ,I have been  completing a document of 42 questions. I would have been done earlier than later, but my questionnaire document corrupted. I lost half a day of writing. ~aargh~

So it is submitted, and I’m anxious.  Will my ex respond and participate or not? If he does will he try to sabotage the whole process? He’s not a nice person. He’s a sociopath that takes pleasure in hurting others including animals.  I was with him a long 18.5 years. He kept me under control by threatening to kill the animals; our pets and farm creatures.

So I wait. He has until the 18th to answer three questions.



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