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Catholic Annulment Judgemental

So, I did over 20 pages of testimony for my annulment to include why I stayed as long as I did.. Then the administrator had the nerve to ask me why I remained in the marriage so long.  I was flabbergasted and shocked.  Never ever ask an abused person a question like that, and if you are obviously going to be working with abused people, get some training.  Just think if that person worked on Crisis Hotline.  People on the other line would be slitting their wrists.  She did a head trip on me.

So now I’m wondering if I will even get the annulment. She is pissed. Did not respond nor apologize to me via email.  She must have lived a very sheltered life.

Folks if you want to know why people remain in abusive relationships, here is a good link:

Why do People Stay in Abusive Relationships?



My Sweet Sally

I hope I can get back into my writing again.  My life had been crazy  for a couple of years, and I was doing classes too.

Now I’m in RCIA and love it. I can’t get enough. There is so much to learn and I will never be able to learn everything before I die. 😦  I love our little church.  It’s a sweet place and 90% of the people are good and kind. Yes, there are a few snobs, but that is their problem.

I got to feed my Sally Lightfoot this evening by hand or rather chop stick haha.  She is a doll.  Actually she is a marine crab.  It has taken me a couple of months to get her to this point. She is a timid thing and cute as can be. I love all animals. I find marine life fascinating.


My Sweet Sally

Catholic Anullment

Has anyone out there experienced a Catholic annulment?  I’m going through one right now, and it is so stressful.

I thought the petition was the only document I had to write. Ha!  The last two weekends ,I have been  completing a document of 42 questions. I would have been done earlier than later, but my questionnaire document corrupted. I lost half a day of writing. ~aargh~

So it is submitted, and I’m anxious.  Will my ex respond and participate or not? If he does will he try to sabotage the whole process? He’s not a nice person. He’s a sociopath that takes pleasure in hurting others including animals.  I was with him a long 18.5 years. He kept me under control by threatening to kill the animals; our pets and farm creatures.

So I wait. He has until the 18th to answer three questions.