Archive | January 2015

Long night or long morning?

One of my fur babies woke me to gagging and vomiting blood around I don’t know what time anymore. By the time we got back from the emergency vet it was around 4:00 am. Anyhow, looks like she cut her throat on something. The vet and her assistant were amazing. They let us be with her at all times. As a result, no issues sedating Star to do a scoping. They were calm and considerate with Star the entire time. I wonder if she takes regular patients. I muist check and see.


Facebook – Blocking

I truly love the blocking feature of Facebook. I had enough of a group of women so I blocked them all. It’s been such a sense of relief. I got tired of their made up drama in real life and online. Life is too short for their nonsense. Blocking can seem to be cruel, but in actuality, I think it’s better than just down and out unfriending them. By unfriending, they can locate you, whereas by blocking they can’t find you, and have no clue as to whether you have disabled your facebook page or not. That way you can’t hurt their feelings. If they do figure it out, then so be it. You aren’t obligated in anyway shape of form to stay friends with them in RL or FB.