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Frustrated to no end

I found my class assignment quite frustrating today. I’m pretty proficient with Social Media, but Google Plus is giving me a great big headache.

I’m suppose to share from my Feedly anything I find interesting on Google plus.I even tried Delicious. I hit the Icon for Google plus, and it should show up under the +1 tab in profile. It worked months ago but no longer. Instead it shows up under the posts tab only. What am I doing wrong? It’s frustrating me to no end, and I’ve wasted a day tinkering with it. I’ve messaged my instructor, but she is away from her computer. Tis time for a margarita.

Mind you I am 53 years old. I’m taking a class in Access next semester. Once completed, I will receive my certificate in Computer applications. I’ve been trying for it since 2002. Life kept getting in the way, or I would have been finished by now. I so wanted to get an AAS, but I have no desire to spend another 7 years pursuing it. My job is stressful and hard. Top it off, when I go home, my sweet hubby will not leave me alone, even when he knows I am studying. He can’t help it. He has dementia. It affects his boundaries. Regardless, I love him. I’m blessed to have him. I pray I’m retired by the time he needs me home for full time care giving. I don’t want just anyone caring for him. The caregivers in this town don’t care about their patients other than one I know. Maybe I will be lucky and the one I know will be available at that time.