Happy Now!

Sweet!  I now have water.  My tea I ordered from Tea Dog arrived as well.  It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.

To city people, my being out of water, probably would be a weird concept, and why couldn’t I just take a  jaunt to the local store and buy some?  But to people who have lived out in the middle of nowhere, and their very survival depended on water, they would understand.  I lived in a dry cabin on 40 acres for over 14 years.  My children and I were dependent on my ex at that time.  He broke my truck, so we had no way to go get water and supplies unless he provided them.  He was a jerk to put it bluntly.  So the kids and I were always rationing our water supply and fretting about water.  Once the kids were old enough that I knew they could be left alone and responsible enough to call an ambulance if needed, we left him.  Regardless, that is why I over react when out of water.


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