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Snow already?

Snow already?  This morning when stepping outside, I saw what looked like snow but in patches here and there.  So I researched it of course.  Nowhere did I find on the web to include NOAA, that it had snowed.  We did, however, experience high humidity.  Then the patches of “snow” made sense.  I mentioned this to another person and she informed me it snowed in patches.  Rofl.  She was dead serious.  I did not argue.  If you say it snowed in patches, then by golly,  it did.


My Body Wouldn’t/Won’t – Dilate

This explains so much. I’ve wondered all of these years what was wrong with me. I had pre-eclampsia and the doctor induced my labour. When I never dilated, he implied I was broken and it was my fault. Thank you for this article.

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* Since this post still gets quite a number of visit 2 years after the original post.  I want to update also with a link to another resource and possible explanation to many of the questions posed here.  After reading this post, do visit Improving Birth to read Cervical Scar Tissue – A Cause of Preventable C-Sections.

The first time I heard a woman say that her body wouldn’t (can’t, won’t, don’t) dilate, it was from my own mother.  She was telling me the story of my birth.  She held up 7 fingers and told me that her body wouldn’t dilate past 7cm.  I went into distress and passed meconium.  I was delivered by emergency c-section.  It is a story that I can’t remember ever not being aware of.

Since becoming a mother myself and a childbirth educator and birth doula, I have heard numerous women with very similar…

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I used to blog all the time.  I loved to write.  Journaling has helped me get through some difficult times.  For example, when my mother was dying.  I looked back at my journal and there were so many mixed emotions revealed that I hadn’t realized at the time of writing.

Now my life is pretty boring.  I go to work and then I come home.  That’s pretty much it.  So maybe I’ll write about the past.  My animal stories.  🙂  Even if no one else will enjoy them, I certainly will.